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So, why am I here? Again? So many thoughts, experiences, activities…. I couldn’t just let them be. Memories are good and yet most of our memories have shades of our imaginations. They become what we think they are rather than what we really experienced. Too much said! Let’s get on with this…..

The most recent WOW….. my trip to north Arizona, south Utah with my family. Breath taking (cliche???) views of Antelope and Bryce Canyon left me all geared up to paint something new. Nature’s canvas has gotta enliven my own and its colors, my own shades.

Although the trip started on June 20th, I would say it really did a good month before that when I started planning for it. All the tour, trail, transport and timing info had me more than ready for this trip. And indeed it was well worth the aaaarrrggghhhhs and eeeeeekkkkkkks.

Residents of Page, AZ are a set of one lucky bunch living so close to this: Yep, that would be Antelope Canyon, a mere 4.5 hour drive from my abode… why didn’t I go here before? Oh well! don’t even get there! Antelope Canyon, also rightly called Slot Canyon, is an all star for me. To think that erosion due to water could paint such a pretty picture! I can’t remember the number of times I exclaimed, especially looking at the sun beams that shine down from the slots on top, i.e. the only way light can enter.

Looking up

Horse shoe bend
The not so far away Horse Shoe Bend is a close second, where the Colorado river does a, what seems to be a casual yet incredible, 270 degree turn around Mr. I won’t budge mountain. The sun setting right behind the mountains and the persistent river stirred up in me a new belief. Come rain or shine, this stubborn river succeeds in finding its way home. Now, that to me is confidence.

Rainbow bridge, UT
Somehow I felt very confident in this trip. Maybe the things around me were representatives of that. Apart from Horseshoe bend, there was Rainbow Bridge, sacred to the natives, which with its sheer expanse could mark nothing but majesty. The 9 hour cruise to get there and back was well worth it. There was a time when the river would flow under it, but with last 8 years of drought it’s a good 1 mile walk from the marina to get there.

The following two days were spent at the relatively well known areas of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. Yes, they were beautiful and yes I loved being there. But, what was wonderful was what Mom said, “Thanks for bringing me to heaven.” That did it for me! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Just another blog?

  1. “Come rain or shine, this stubborn river succeeds in finding its way home. Now, that to me is confidence.”

    2 1/2 years to the day, would you have imagined having made someone's day with these few words of profound wisdom?

    But on the flip side, I wonder: isn't stubborn persistence for the wrong reasons less “confidence” and more “arrogance”? I guess it comes down to “persistence to what end”?

    In any case, thanks for the insight. I guess I'll have to read through the rest of your blog now 🙂


  2. Thank you so much Anon. I'm glad you are enjoying reading my blog.
    And no, I never thought my musings could make any one's day. Infact you made my day when I read your comments. A'rite…. enough of this formality business.

    Arrogance… why is it always considered negative? According to me the arrogance indicated the presence of a high level of confidence and, when handled correctly, it almost always leads to happiness. Of course, the key there is “when handled correctly”. 🙂


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