You complete every song I sing

A very sweet, yet romantic, comment made by a friend that made me write this:

ता उम्र यूँही लफ्ज़ बटोरते हम रहे
दिल की आवाजें टटोलते हम रहे,
हर नज़्म है अब मुक़म्मल तुमसे
साए को अपना समझते हम रहे.

Taa umr yunhi lafz batorte hum rahe
dil ki aawazein tatolte hum rahe,
har nazm hai ab muqammal tumse
saaye ko apna samajhte hum rahe.

ता उम्र (taa umr) : all life
बटोरते (batorte) : collect
टटोलते (tatolte) : analyze
मुक़म्मल (muqammal) : complete
साया (saaya) : shadow

I loved this recent song “All I wanna do is find a way back into love” from the movie Music & Lyrics. The song starts, “I’ve been living with a shadow overhead”. My imagination took it further to thinking that not only did I get used to this shadow, but also started thinking it was mine. I became possesive about my sadness. All my life all I did was collect words and analyze my thoughts, thinking I’m a great poet. But, it’s you who makes not only my poems, but my life complete.