Blackbeard, the musical

When an engineer does something non-technical it is always something interesting, inviting and not to mention something I can easily identify with. In this case, it was Mark Hackmann who had invited us to watch a new play he is a part of, Blackbeard. After having watched his fine performance in a play, I hate Hamlet, earlier this year, we grabbed this opportunity. We ended up going for the opening night and were amongst the first audience that paid to watch this show ever. Apparently it had never been produced earlier and this first performance was fabulous.

The author, Rob Gardner, having won various awards for script writing, has put together an exciting journey through an important part of the much feared pirate, Blackbeard’s life. Everyone dreads him, while he is in love with himself, his power and his life. His persona and his dismissive attitude towards people in his life do earn him the authority he demands, but could this signify the happiness his soul yearns? It’s the romanticism of a dark personality that gets this script its round of applauses.

The applauses and the standing ovations were well deserved by the exceptional performances delivered by the cast. Jordan Bluth’s (Mynard) solo performance after having broken his microphone was unbelievable. Jere Van Patten’s (Bonnet) rather interesting perspective on how to be a pirate had the audience laughing and humming along at the same time. The operatic performance by Elisabeth Coleman (Anne) in contrast to Linsey Maxson’s (Mary) exceptional vocal was a nice way of showing the shades of their personalities, though a little difficult to follow at times. Not to mention, Mark Klienman (Governor) and Mark Hackmann (Mr. Hands) do absolute justice to their characters. My personal favorite was Georgette’s character played by Charisma Miller as she portrays care, jealousy, duty and betrayal in her beautiful voice. Of course, Tyler Maxson’s (Blackbeard) performance and voice commands respect, attention, fear, concern and pity, for the character, all in a span of a couple hours.

The music was great. Composed as a masterpiece, it worked in putting together all the different building blocks of this musical performance. The set was very beautiful and versatile. It was actually interesting to see how the props were moved around and the set put together between scenes. During the play I found myself checking out the beautiful costumes several times and wondering how appropriately each character was dressed.

Blackbeard has it all, the comedy and gravity, the love and betrayal, the emotion and action, the twist and suspense, and surely it is a masterpiece put together incredibly.

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  1. I agree that this show was amazing! You did get one point slightly incorrect and that is that Elisabeth Coleman played Anne opposite Jordan Bluth and not Tiffany Mortensen.


  2. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


  3. Thanks Anon. I am guilty of not writing anything recently though. 😦 Your comment makes me think I should get back into writing….. shud happen soon. 🙂 Thank You!


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