In whatever little I meditate, so far all I’ve been able to see are random colors, mostly warm shades of oranges, reds and yellows. These colors are mostly just spread across my canvas of vision, but at times they seem to be in perfect sync with each other. They almost appear to be pointing to something with some depth in the abstract formations they exist in. Sometimes they appear as mystical bodies wrapped around each other, fitting together perfectly because they are so flexible, so fluid. I wish I could explain better in words but I did my best at representing this in a painting that I call “Visions” (Size: 3ft x 4ft, Medium: Acrylics on Canvas). I must admit that this is not entirely my creation. I was inspired by spiritual paintings of Rassouli Freydoon.

2 thoughts on “Visions

  1. Brilliant! Both the painting and the honesty 🙂 When was the last time people gave credit to their source of inspiration?

    Keep up the virtue of giving credit where its due; you'll go a long way with that attitude.


  2. Thank you! Thank you! I'm glad you like my art work.
    If you'd like to see more I have my other paintings at

    Talking about giving credit, I must give you some because you are inspiring me to write more often than I have and stop ignoring this blog. Thanks again!


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