Blue Chair

On my DC trip I found these cute little miniature chairs in an antique store. Needless to say it took a lot of convincing to get me out of that store. It was a gorgeous store in the gorgeous small town of Colonial Beach. Ok… I meandered away from the main topic. Ah yes! the miniature chairs! On getting them home and putting them up on the wall, I decided they lacked color. There was nothing to hold together and bring out the simplicity of their beauty. That’s when I thought maybe I should paint them. But, I got them at an antique store and I didn’t want to mess with their originality! In order to add color and life to this rather dull scene I finally decided to paint something. Something that would not only be colorful but also hold together the theme. Something that would not be over indulgent, something simple just like the chairs themselves. Something that wouldn’t steal the limelight but be a part of this presentation and bring out the best not just in itself but the other participants as well. Here’s what I came up with, the Blue Chair (Size: 24x18inches, Medium: Acrylics on canvas):