Home is where the heart is

Here’s another one of those shers written out of sheer amazement at the power of love. New places, new people, all are nothing but strangers to start with. Especially for a wandering soul these are not only just strangers but mere incidents that seem to casually occur as they drift along with time. But, certain faces, certain experiences make a deep enough impact to capture even such a restless soul. They give it a home and of course home is where the heart is. Undoubtedly such deep emotions can only call for devotion, that’s carved in stone.

उनके शहर मेँ आए थे अजनबी की तरह
हमें क्या ख़बर थी उन्हें मकां बना लेंगे,
बेकाबू जो था खाना-बदोश-ऐ-दिल पत्थर
उस पर उनकी इबादत का नाम तराश देंगे।

Unke shaher me aaye the ajnabi ki tareh
hume kya khabar thi unhe maqaam bana lenge,
be-qaabu jo tha khana-badosh-e-dil pathar
us par unki ibaadat ka naam taraash denge.

khana-badosh : wanderer, nomad
ibaadat: devotion
taraash: carve