This was written mainly in confusion….. confusion and failure at being able to understand people’s take on love. When a romantic tries to justify his/her stand about something in simple colloquial words, it’s impossible for people to comprehend. Comprehension is a far fetched idea, all they get is ridicule for all their commitment. If these deep feelings are camouflaged and given the form of fancy poetry, the same people call it heart rendering and even hum along. The same feelings with a few rhythms and rhymes seem outstanding and incredible. Is it the feelings then that are camouflaged or the people themselves?

समझ नहीं आई हमें रीत जग की
जब कही थी दास्तान सच हमने दिल की
सुना हमें गए तल्ख़ सज़ा जालिम थे
कर बैठे हम वफ़ा, खफा वो थे
शेर बन बयाँ हुए फ़िर वही दिल के हाल
आज हमारी शायरी लगे उन्हें बेमिसाल।

Samajh nahi aayi humein reet jag ki
jab kahi thi dastaan such humne dil ki
suna hume gaye talkh saza zaalim the
kar baidhe hum wafaa, khafaa woh the
sher ban baya.n hue fir wahi dil ke haal
aaj humari shayari lage unhe bemisaal.