2 weeks and not a word… no fair!

Umm…. what do I say, the last couple weeks have been very happening ….. all with getting engaged and planning an upcoming wedding, a trip to India, and what not….. it’s overwhelming, stressful and yet very exciting! Amongst all this, I came up with this today:

क्या कहूं की अब होंठ कुछ नहीं कहते
दूरी न बादल न हम ही हैं सहते
बूँदों से बिछड़े, धड़कनों की तरह
दिल के कोनो में अब अल्फाज़ नहीं रहते।

Kya kahoon ki ab honth kuch nahi kehte
doori na baadal na hum hi hain sehte
boondon se bichade, dhadkon ki tarah
dil ke kono mein ab alfaaz nahi rehte.

Don’t ask me anything. My lips don’t know what to say. Just like when droplets of water part with their clouds, leaving them empty, there’s nothing left in the corners of my heart once its heartbeats have left…. no words live here anymore.