गुलिस्तान की मिट्टी

तुझ बिन नहीं कोई और तमन्ना
बेशक गुल-ऐ-गुलफाम हों माना
तुम तो हो मेरी नफ्स-ऐ-ज़िंदगी
मैं हूँ मेहेज़ गुलिस्तान की मिट्टी।

Gulistan ki mitti
Tujh bin nahi koi aur tamanna
beshak gul-e-gul-faam ho maana
tum to ho meri nafs-e-zindagi
main hoon mehez gulistan ki mitti.

According to me all relations are those of give and take. Be it love, respect or just sustenance. When I wrote these lines I was thinking more in terms of being modest in love. Even though the existence of beautiful flowers would be impossible without the fertile soil they grow from, in this case, the soil gives credit to the flowers. Its modesty says that just because you are here I have life and there’s nothing more that I want than for you to be with me. It’s indeed very important to realize how we would all be incomplete without each other. If only we gave credit to the other and not ourselves, this would be a much more beautiful world to live in.

I kinda like this thought… hopefully I can write beyond these 4 lines.