A thousand times over!

Kite runner, for me, is a book that I couldn’t stop turning pages of even though I felt pain in my heart, wrinkled my forehead, cringed, felt a shudder down my spine…. because inspite of all this, I had hope. Hope for all the characters and for the one smile that would prove to the be-all of this fascinating story.

Mr. Hosseini captures moments, and more importantly emotions, incredibly. He tells a heart numbing story and yet manages to cultivate feelings, in his audience, for each character. I must say though, that especially towards the end, we could do without a few characters who have no significance to the story. It’s a very well written book, but not a very well edited one.

The book is a piece of fiction written on a real backdrop and as you read it, there’s no denying that this could very well be an autobiography. It’s written in a way that makes you believe and feel for each and every person caught in his/her battle of guilt, fear, shame, responsibility and of course redemption. And you stop for a moment and wonder, what keeps these people going? Yes, it’s a book after all. You know it’s going to end well. But, Hosseini doesn’t just end it all happy and fixed. He ends it with hope that things will be better again.

I like the way this book brings together all the characters with a common element. The element of being good. The reason I say this is because it seems that everyone is looking for that oasis of niceness. It’s part of being human. We want to do the right thing, even though we might not always make the right choices. And we get opportunities, a thousand times over!