So what if it isn’t a bed of roses?

वो मौसम ही क्या, जिसमे हवाएं न हों
महकी फिजाएं हों, सर-सराती घटाएँ न हों,
वो मोहब्बत ही क्या, जिसमे आहें न हों
रेशम बाहें हों, हिच-किचाती बातें न हो।

Woh mausam hi kya, jisme hawaein na ho
mehki fizaein ho, sar-sarati ghataein na ho,
woh mohabbat hi kya, jisme aahein na ho
resham baahein ho, hitch-kichati baatein na ho.

Inspired by Arps’ comments, I had to write about how a risk or two in life could prove to be worthwhile. And yeah, life isn’t a bed of roses, so we might as well get used to those pricks and enjoy those butterfly patterned band aids.

4 thoughts on “So what if it isn’t a bed of roses?

  1. aaahhh, I can so totally see the utopian romanticsm.Sadly I see the real world, where it pays to stay away from situations which are potential ‘aa bail mujhe maar’ 😀


  2. On October 29, 2007….heeheheh! 😀I have to confess, for me romanticism IS reality.On October 30, 2007….Oh no no! no lucky! I’ve had my fair share of years of rona-dhona and sleepless nights! I guess I never let go off the fact that there might be atleast one romantic like me out there. :p


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