I don’t know…. but I believe!

It’s been days… not that nothing’s happened and there are no thoughts to write about, in fact it’s just the opposite…. too much has happened and I am confused about what to write and what to file away for later. Last couple months have been overwhelming with a lot of traveling, getting hitched and getting used to a new life. My poor blog has been sitting there like all my books at home, waiting for me to wipe off the dust and stop neglecting. Well… today’s the day!
Life’s changed! for sure…. from as trivial a thing as no more eating dinners alone …. to the drastic no more dreaming and realizing dreams alone. It’s been a long and eventful journey from the days when I didn’t know but I believed to now when the same belief has been realized. And I guess now’s the time to bask in the glory of this realization. Yiipppeee!!!!!!!

So… to bask in this glory, I wrote a lil couplet. C’mon what else did you expect out of this hopeless romantic!!!!

वाइज़ को हम हिदायतें क्या करें
रंग-ऐ-ज़िंदगी उसे ला-मज़हब बना गई
हमारी तो खूब किस्मत थी क्या कहें
जो उनकी पकीजाह झलक खुदाई सिखा गई।

Waaiz ko hum hidayatein kya karen
rang-e-zindagi use laa-mazhab bana gayi
humari to khoob qismat thi kya kahen
jo unki pakeezah jhalak khudaai sikha gayi.

वाइज़ (waaiz): preacher
हिदायतें (hidayatein): teachings
ला-मज़हब (laa-mazhab): without religion

What do I preach a preacher, who’s lost his beliefs just coz of the ways of life?… when I was just plain lucky that one pure (pristine) look at my love taught me all about divinity.

5 thoughts on “I don’t know…. but I believe!

  1. Whoa! that means you did get married ! see …my acute sense of deduction 😀actually, Raviraj (yes that marathi guy who has beautiful females for friends :D)told me about you being in a committed relation, wasnt really a deduction on my part.Congrats and as I said – take care 🙂


  2. and waise, ur sher on my comments space .. me thinks that needs a li’l tweaking , isnt too ready to be a sher, rather I wld say too much importance given to the rhyming and meter than the thought? or maybe Im wrong, waise bhi I dunno much about sher-o-shayari


  3. thanks again for the wishes arpz…. and thanks to Ravs too…. 🙂Ahhhh!!! finally, someone who can critique my attempts at whatever lil shayari …. tried to keep the same thought you had… and came up with those lines almost instantly…. but yes, tweak! please tweak!!!


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