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अश्क यूं न अपने बेसबब बहने दो
ओस की नमी फूलों पर ही रहने दो
खाता है कसमे जिसकी सारा आलम
उस गुल-ऐ-रुखसार पर तबस्सुम ही खिलने दो।

ओस : dew
रुखसार : face
तबस्सुम : smile


And in Latin Script….

Ashq yun na apne besabab behne do
os ki nami phoolon par hi rehne do
khaata hai qasme jiski sara aalam
us gul-e-rukhsaar par tabassum hi khilne do.

os : dew
rukhsaar : face
tabassum : smile

Don’t shed those precious tears (my friend) for no reason…… those dew drops (tears) look good only on flowers. Just let a smile blossom on your flower like face, which the world could swear by.
The irony here is that even though one friend is trying to cheer the other up by saying that dew drops (tears) look good only on flowers and that she shouldn’t cry….. she compares her face to be as pretty as a flower….. defeating the basis of her argument and in a way allowing her friend to cry.

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  1. Yes, true… that’s why the tougher job is on your shoulders… the stronger ones. Hum to faqat lafzon ke kaabil hain, aapke honth hain jo muskurane ka bojh udha sakte hain.As my Mom says… jo hai aaj hai, abhi hai, tumhare samne hai… make the most of it!!!


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