Monday night…. the weekend had already passed and I hadn’t been able to call my Mom coz of all the moving….. called her and there she was in her ever so cheerful voice….. wish I could hug her right then….. as the conversation continued I hadn’t realized it would be one of the most profound mother-daughter talks… one of the most liberating and satisfying talks I’ve had with her… maybe even something that has got the ball rolling in my head.
We talked about parenting, about relationships, their give-and-take nature and a dozen other things…. but what has got me thinking is when we began to talk about the existence of God. All my life I’ve seen my parents pray, go to temples, perform yagyas, meditate and all that comes with it…. and they, of course, did their best at explaining the importance of these practices to us kids. While I enjoyed all the festivities, the good food, the new dresses, the lights and colors, I was never convinced that some super power is sitting up in heaven who will help me in my days of distress. So, as I talked to my Mom, I asked her what she actually believed in….. and to my surprise she said she doesn’t believe in any of that…. she, like me, enjoys the festivities, but doesn’t believe in any heavenly, all-knowing, omnipresent, divine being… for that matter she doesn’t even believe in after-life….. hmmmmmm!!!!…. I could never comprehend the idea that if I don’t put in my hours of meditation and don’t see some light, I’m not going to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death….. worst of all, I could be a crow in my next life, and that I will go to hell if I don’t pray.

Karma….. yeah, yeah…. it has become so cliched these days…. reminds you of those colorful hippy t-shirts with florescent blue and electric pink images of Krishna, doesn’t it….. but, really, I think it actually makes sense. As you sow so shall you reap, What goes around comes around, and all that….. I think Karma pays off in this life, coz that’s all we have, but on a smaller scale…. I believe in Karma, but not the kind that says you’re born again coz you have left over burden or you are suffering coz of some thing you did in your previous life. I think that’s a bunch of lies….. just to scare us…. just to discipline us, just like kids are told of Santa. I believe in what Mom says, of life with good values, honesty, truthfulness, kindness … do I need to list it all?? ….. we all know it, and we know it matters….. a life lived with good values is what matters.

I think, Monday night was it, it was the day of my realization really. Just to hear my Mom say, today is it, what you’ve got in front of you right now is it, what’s going to happen tomorrow is uncertain, so make the most of it! Make it count! Contribute what you can before it’s too late. Make yourself happy first and then think about everybody else…. only a happy person (/soul???) can provide happiness to others.

So, my moral of the story is that a life lived happily with good values is it. That’s my Karma.

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  1. nice one, if we live life everyday thinking its all we have got, I am sure we will get that drive for happiness and also in turn spread that happiness…..nice thought!!!


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