Run! Run while you can!

Run! Run while you can!…. or even walk…. or stroll even….. yeah, well, those are the options! Just have to be on your feet…. I think that’s the only condition….. dance too! if you wanna! if you can keep it up for a tad bit over 3 miles…. only! 🙂 ….. C’mon, some of those fancy barats in India go longer than that, while Mr. dulha enjoys on the horsie….. anyway, so that’s about as far as you need to go …. but if you are the enthu types, and can’t get enough of it… then just for you make it twice that.

Mmm….. I’m talkin about the upcoming 5k/10k walk/run event being organized by India Literacy Project…… it’s their 10th annual event and it’s in the bay area on May 4th. So, what makes this one different from the others…. from what I’ve heard so far about it is that you don’t have to do any fund raising!!! Just pay $20 to register, run/walk/stroll/dance, get free food, get free t-shirt…. mmm! yeah, that’s all the things on my checklist! Hmmmm! (scratches chin and looks sideways) I like! I like the fact that I don’t have to raise funds….. pretty simple and to the point, eh! 🙂 And hey, if keeping myself fit and getting some exercise is going to help some rather deserving kids in India, then why not! I know! It’s the fad these days….. but I think this one is a good one! Something worth while too!

Ok…. I won’t take any more credit for this…. I’m just helping my brother spread the word, while he’s earning good Karma by volunteering. All I’m doing is sitting in my cushy chair and typing this…… hoping that maybe some good Karma, even a fraction, will flow this way.

If I’ve managed to catch your attention and you are finally thinking of kick starting that be fit mantra…. then here’s more info: