This month of May…..

  • May I have more emotionally and spiritually rewarding experiences like I’ve had this month.
  • May I make my mothers (Ma, Mom, Grand Mom) smile even more and not need Mothers’ Day for doing that.
  • May I not fall sick so often…. twice this month when Ms sound like Bs and Ts like Ds.
  • May I get to travel to beautiful places like I have this month.
  • May I have more motivation to work, unlike this month.
  • May I learn how to better deal with judgmental people.
  • May I be more enthusiastic about my art projects, like this month.
  • May I be able to spread the cheer and laugh a lot.
  • May I not procrastinate too much…. only a little. 🙂
  • May I be able to volunteer and help like in this month but more would be nicer.
  • May I read more.
  • May I be able to contribute towards saving the planet.
  • May I follow my dreams.
  • May I not be too greedy and stop listing out things I want to do and actually do them. :p

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