In an ideal world

I love my life. I am thankful for the way things have fallen into place and continue to fall into place. The husband, the family and the friends have given reason to broad smiles and laughter. I wouldn’t want to change too many things, but if I could and it was an ideal world……
….. I’d be living in Bombay.
….. I’d be living close to all of my family, especially my Mom and the twins.
….. I’d be a painter, a poet, a photographer and a social worker and not have to worry about paying bills. Greedy me!!
….. I’d have lots of time to do all the things I want to.
….. Money would have less value.
….. And hence, I’d have all the money to do all the things I want to, especially travel wherever, whenever.
….. It would be a peaceful and forgiving world.
….. People wouldn’t be nosy and would live and let live.
….. There would be no pollution.
….. It would be a fair world.
….. There would be no strangers, just friends that hadn’t met. (This is not my line, it’s on a Molly Malone’s t-shirt … irish pub in Hiroshima….. I got as a gift.)
….. There would be no suffering, no starvation, no poverty, no feeling “I’m entitled to this”, no… none of that.
….. It would be a happy go lucky world.
Hmmmm! My list seems to be pointing a finger towards the Amish way of life….. but I still want my laptop and the technology and everything. Meh! So much for an ideal world, eh!

4 thoughts on “In an ideal world

  1. Loved your post.I am happy where I am now…but ur ideal world is irresistable….would love to walk in with U there. Have always read ur updated Blogs…It is always nice to read them.


  2. Ideal world… am still in search mode for that. 🙂 Let’s all make a deal then….. whoever finds it, please invite the others. 🙂Thanks for your kind words.


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