Indu Sundaresan

“The midday sun whitened the city of Lahore to a bright haze. Normally, the streets would be deserted at this time of the day, but today the Moti bazaar was packed with a slowly moving throng of humanity. The crowds deftly maneuvered around a placid cow lounging in the center of the narrow street, her jaw moving rhythmically as she digested her morning meal of grass and hay”.

This is how she begins her books…. painting a clear picture for you to not just see, but even be a part of. I’ve read three of her books, The Twentieth Wife, Feast of roses and The Splendor of Silence and Indu Sundaresan keeps me wanting for more. Her books are historical, romantic, thrilling, captivating and much more. I don’t know a clear category or genre that her books could fit in because there’s a lot her books do. They gave me a history lesson and motivated me to read and research more about the Mughal Empire and India’s freedom struggle. They made me nostalgic as I could feel India all around me as I read those descriptive lines that talked about the intricacies of architecture, the finesse of attire, the aroma of several delicacies, the colors of a blooming garden, the smell of the first rain… oh! the list is too long! Her books work like a time machine taking you back to that mystical era gone by.

Indu Sundaresan introduces you to each of her characters with such ease that after it all you feel like you personally know all of them. It’s amazing how she makes you feel for each of them. You can grow to like or dislike these people just the way you would in real life. It’s amazing how she portrays certain delicate relationships and makes you feel anxious as she builds around them a whole plethora of directly or indirectly effected events. Her vivid books brought about all kinds of emotions in me….. happiness, anxiety, pride, disgust, amazement, hope and everything else you can possibly think of. I think the stories she tells are well rounded and provide a very fulfilling read. Absolutely love her books and can’t wait for her next one!

As a side note….. I’m still reading more about the Mughal Empire and trying to find books on the topic…. The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple was good too….. so if you have suggestions for books, please let me know. 🙂