Labor of devotion


It started as a visit to the Palace of Gold ( and New Vrindaban ( in the quaint little town of Moundsville, set amidst beautiful green mountains and cloud covered valleys. Less than a 2 hour drive south of Pittsburgh, who’d think is this wonderful place of faith that leaves you in awe. As I sat there watching peacocks dance by the clear placid lake and felt the cool, fresh breeze relax my mind, I was taken to a different world of peace and serenity. It was one of those rare moments when my mind was still, not chasing a million different thoughts. Anyway, I digress….. more about me and my mind later.

The temple at New Vrindaban and the Palace of Gold were built by the ISKCON followers out of sheer dedication and devotion. The palace was entirely hand crafted by unskilled devotees, who learned as they went. The result is astounding. With intricate carvings, detailed embroidery and colorful stained glass work, these people created a wonder….. a wonder that makes you respect their efforts and labor. At each step I was bowled over by the minute details that had been painstakingly created by the devotees. I really don’t know how to describe this place and do justice to it as I’m at a loss of words. So, I’ll let pictures do the talking. Here are some from their official website:

Here are some I took:

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