Heading Home

This was a simple painting I made a while back, just never got around to taking a picture until now. This is watercolor on Canvas and I just love the colors in this. Orange (or even yellow) and blue is my absolute favorite combination and I tend to repeat their usage a lot. I had seen this in an instructional painting book quite some time back and had remembered how easy it was to create this look. The subtlety of the background and even the slight bit of detail in the birds and the grass pulls it together I think.

Heading home

2 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. waah….Us Parwardigaar ne …tumhe naa hi khubssorat alfaazon ki rehmat bakshi hain…balki unhi alfaazon ko raangon mein badal dena ka hunar bhi. U said it right…it looke an simple thing to put down together…but I am sure It was hard work.I loved it.All the colours are perfect.Cant pick a favourite.


  2. Thank you so much Roshni. You are very generous with your compliments. I’m glad you like my paintings and my ghazals. They are very dear to my heart, almost a delicate bond with them and I’m so happy I can share these with you.


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