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My love for painting started when I was probably 7 or 8. I just loved drawing flowers and coloring them in the most vibrant pencil colors I could find. Art classes in school were always something to look forward to and they taught me the basic watercolor techniques. Even outside of school I found my Mom and my neighbor (who was an artist herself) always encouraging me to express myself in this colorful way. But as the system usually goes, unfortunately I got disconnected from this expressive world and got side tracked into becoming an engineer. Well, things have moved along, years have gone by and I’ve taken small steps towards getting back to my true love, painting. I’ve gone from my innocent pencil colored flowers to using watercolors and recently acrylics. I am in no way a good artist, in my eyes atleast. I am learning and am lucky enough to have a family and lots of friends who continue to encourage me. I’ve slowly created some paintings, but it really has been slow, very slow. Recently I heard of the East Valley Art Guild and have been attending their monthly meetings. At first, it was almost intimidating to go to those meetings as other artists there are so much more talented and experienced. I was even scared to show my paintings to them for fear of being laughed at. But, everyone there was so welcoming, friendly and encouraging that it helped me overcome my fear (well! atleast to some extent) and finally after attending their meetings for a few months, I decided to apply for their membership. I was so sure I wouldn’t be accepted as I’m just an amateur painter and my paintings are not usually technically correct. But, to my surprise I just found out that I have been juried in as a member. I am soooooo happy and excited! I am so lucky to be around these incredibly talented, yet humble, people who are a constant source of encouragement. This is one small step ahead for me and I hope I can continue to learn from all the wonderful people around me and most importantly continue to create art.

2 thoughts on “East Valley Art Guild

  1. I dont know much about This East Valley Art Gallery,But seems like you are really happy to be a member of it.Here I am being Happy about you being Happy.Good luck.And dont feel so low about your paintings,you are good at it.I for one think your work is beautiful and expressive.


  2. 🙂 Thanks for being happy about me being happy…. 🙂 No, I’m not low at all abt my paintings. I just have a lot to learn and it’s a slow progress…. and just tell myself, One step at a time, baby, one step at a time! 🙂


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