My blueberry mornings

I woke up, felt a lil bit of a chill and so wanted a nice hot cup of coffee. Brushing my teeth happened as quickly as it can possibly happen so the teeth qualify as clean, especially considering the dentist appointment is coming up… ( I do go off on a tangent, yeah!)….. finally got the coffee maker started. Brew away, you good machine… brew away…. and give me some of that oh! so good cofffeeeee 🙂 No, No, I’m not one of those people who loves coffee or who loves tea…. I like them both. Plus if you know me, you’d know that I am moooooody. Some days I really do love coffee and some days I do fight with my friend V (who is consistent about liking coffee) about how tea (chai to be precise) is the drink to die for. Anyway, so today is the day to like coffee, matter settled.

I poked my head in the fridge to see what I could eat for breakfast and saw blueberries…. mmmmmmmm! blueberry pancakes…. I want! and I am not lazy today, plus more importantly, I am in the mood to cook, so I will make. :p Got the flour, vanilla, blueberries, sugar, all out…but wasn’t sure about the proportions et all. I said I wasn’t so lazy that I wouldn’t cook, but I was too lazy to figure it all out for myself… so I googled…… and found this Blueberry pancake recipe that works! Made it, we both enjoyed it, loved sipping my hot coffee along and now am writing about it.

I do like Michael’s blog Cooking for Engineers. I think being an engineer myself, I’m biased towards it. Wait! Wait! If there was a food blog that was called Cooking for Artists, I think I would be biased towards that too. :p But, no seriously, he has a lot to offer and a lot of great recipes, ranging from easy to fix to a dozen ingredients fancy-shamnsy type. I will definitely be back for more recipes there.

Modifications I made:
– Used fresh blueberries.
– Made half the recipe, which gave us 5 pretty big pancakes that were more than enough for the two of us.

3 thoughts on “My blueberry mornings

  1. V says….“hey hey hey ……….. when I ding tea, it’s bag tea that is half saw dust, not chai. There is great coffee as well as terrible coffee. Likewise for tea. My only point is that there is more bad tea in the world than bad coffee. :)”


  2. I say….“Ok, we shall settle the matter here then…. there are both bad teas and bad coffees. 🙂 But, chai is the best. (On a side note: as I write this, I’m sipping coffee).”


  3. V says…“Give an inch and you take a yard. 🙂 Sorry, chai is not the best. And neither is coffee. It’s a matter of preference. I love coffee in the morning and chai in the afternoon. And never vice versa. Dare I say that they are like two lovers? One CAN love two people. Doesn’t diminish either. My opinion of course.”


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