All that mix-n-match cooking

I’m not the kind who follows recipes really….. infact I feel a little claustrophobic sticking to the steps, ingredients and all those measures…… ah! one and one fourth tablespoon of oregano … so what if I put in one and a half???……. and what if I throw in a little basil too, maybe use that fresh chilli pepper instead of that one teaspoon of chilli powder…… what if I do this and that? … you know? I cook like that and it always works…… 🙂 Maybe, I’m just not someone who can follow rules.

Oh well, so the other day I wanted to cook something, and that usually means cook something with what I have sitting in the fridge or the pantry…. no grocery shopping…… more of an unplanned meal. Then how do I ever shop for groceries? Oh, when there’s not much left in the fridge, I just go to the store and get what looks good ……. Sometimes I buy stuff I have no idea about, and then I go looking for recipes, which I don’t stick to anyway :p

Alright, I was talking about the other day…….there was this mushroom sitting in the fridge that I knew I had to use not before long…… and there was this spinach…… I think spinach and mushrooms make a good combo…….. so I thought quesadillas. I wasn’t sure how to make them savory, i.e. what spices to use, until I found this Whole Foods recipe. They came out delicious… and of course I made a few mods. I used twice the spinach, coz I love it. No amount of spinach is too much for me, I think. 🙂 Also, I didn’t have any Feta at home, so I just used what I had…. i.e. shredded mexican cheese. And I didn’t bake them quesadillas…. I just cooked them stove-top on a pan. No safflower oil either. mmmmHmmmm!

Where there’s quesadillas, there’s got to be guacamole…. and by the way, the husband has got me hooked to AB’s show …. (you don’t know AB? tch! tch!… then you don’t know what makes Good Eats)…. oh well, so I used Alton Brown’s recipe to make us some guac. I made one-third the amount, coz I had just uno avacado. Yuummmmm!

Btw, there was also all this celery in the fridge, that was calling out to me. I think the only ways I have had it otherwise is in my 10-bean soup or yeah, just raw. That meant looking for a new recipe where celery ran the show, and was not just a supporting character. And I remembered that once, long back, I had had some cream of celery soup at some restaurant. Off I went looking and found a ton of recipes, some that called for stock, some for buillons, some for cream…. didn’t want to use any of those, coz I didn’t have any of those ingredients. Until I found this simple recipe. I used twice the amount of celery, coz I like its taste and really wanted it to stand out. I had run out of white pepper, so had to stick with black pepper. Also, I blended the whole thing after it was cooked…. but only so much that it was still a lil chunky. This was simply lip smacking yum!!!!!

Yeah… it was a lot of cooking, but I enjoyed all of it… and of course, enjoyed having all of it too. The fridge was cleared and the souls were happy with all that mix-n-match cooking.