Announcing a new food blog

The oldest friend I have, Amitabh…….. and I mean not just a Hi-Hello friend, but a real good friend…… gosh! we’ve been friends since we were 10 years old. Wow!! Now that I think about it, it’s rather cool. Oh! wait… I completely digressed…. and didn’t even complete that sentence. A’rite, so, Amitabh and I have exchanged a fair number of recipes, cooking tips and secrets over the last few years. Both of us seem to be equally interesed in not just eating good food, but also in cooking and sharing it with our near and dear ones.

After a lot of emails to each other with the subject, “Recipe”, we decided why not share this with the world. So, we have launched our new food blog. Yes, yes, another food blog in this e-world that’s overloaded with food blogs. But, we are hoping to make it different, by posting recipes from various cuisines around the world, our cooking tips and yes those secrets. We do like to try what others cook, so we’ll post some tried and tested recipes from other food bloggers. Restaurants are places we seem to go to when we are too lazy to cook. So, we’ll have reviews for those. Basically, a one stop shop and we call it One Stop Eats. See you there!