My theory

about my life….. is that, I think I was a hippie living in the 60s who enjoyed the music and the rebellious way of life…. I think I traveled the country (USA) in my long wavy hair, purple colored huge sunglasses and a flowy tribal mirror-work skirt with my fellow hippie friends, promoting peace and love. As I was traveling I got into the whole fad of Hinduism and chanting Om, as I lived a life of happiness. I always wanted to go to India, the origin of several things I believed in, but I couldn’t coz I was so poor. On one of those days of revelry I died coz of indulging a little too much…. and as I was dying I prayed to God that I be born in India in my next birth to atone my sins.

And that’s why I was born in India and enjoyed a carefree, young, no-responsibility life there, where my roots were formed. As I remained strongly attached to what became my identity…. I still had to come back to America to complete the circle of life. That’s why I’m here to live my adult sensible life. 🙂

I know! I know! it’s a silly theory, but hey! it’s mine and I’m sticking to it.

2 thoughts on “My theory

  1. very well said 🙂
    this is my first time on ur blog.
    another wonderful thing that u said has struck me so deep “i dont know, but i believe.
    keep up the good work !


  2. Thanks Rajat. 🙂
    Words straight from the heart are always well said, aren’t they. Waiting for you to write more, so I can enjoy reading.


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