My artist friends

My journey in the world of art hasn’t been long, as I’ve been painting professionally for not even an year now. But, even in this short time I have learned a lot. I have had the good fortune of meeting a great group of artists, who are wonderful human beings, who are my friends now and I’m sure we’ll be friends for life. They have so much to offer and I have a lot to learn from them….. not just in terms of art, but also life, attitude and an outlook towards everything. I’ve learned to be positive, to be appreciative of my own work and respect all my fellow artists. This extends so much to general life. The world would be such a better place if everyone had respect for others, their talents, their visions and perspective.

Meeting artists of all backgrounds has been an eye opening experience. Some have studied art, some are self taught but they are all gifted with this beautiful talent to create and encourage others to create. They don’t let the normal day-to-day things bother them or come in the way of their creativity. Infact, they even use their ups and downs to create something new. Their energy and courage makes me feel like I could really do this. If people who face huge hurdles can do it, I have no excuse. They make me feel like I could actually make it big in the world of art, even if it means taking small steps. I’m all for small steps, if this is what it feels like. It’s very important, I think, to be surrounded by people who have faith in you, who help you in this journey and who recognize you for who you are. And I’m so lucky to have found them. They are friends for life!