Herberger Theater Center’s "The Sacred and The Living"

“Through their perception of the world and its many mysteries and the discovery of their own specificity, early on humans have developed a sense of sacredness. In their own language, cultures have translated the sacred into art, relating life into a higher purpose.”

Couple of my Warli paintings got juried into Herberger Theater’s Exhibit “The Sacred and the Living”, which runs from May 7th to July 28th. The opening reception is May 7th, 5:30pm to 7pm. Everyone is invited! Come one, come all! 🙂

Talking about my feelings….. I’m very happy and excited to be part of this art show and hoping it brings that much deserved attention to Warli as an art form. India’s art has so much to offer and the world is just beginning to see the tip of this iceberg. This is yet another step forward, and a crucial one at that, towards achieving that goal that I’ve been dreaming about, i.e. to bring Warli and other Indian art forms to the world….. or to bring the world to Indian art forms. This is just the start. 🙂

Part of the reason I’m excited about this exhibition is also the relevance of Warli paintings to the theme. Herberger’s theme for this year is “Fellow Humans.” Their sub-themes for the two exhibitions are “The Sacred and the Living” and “The Dance of Life.” I couldn’t think of a more appropriate exhibition especially with the Warli sacred scenes and Tarpana dance!! Warli paintings are about our fellow tribal humans, who are much ignored. Their art speaks for them, but its voice has yet to reach the corners of this world. Warli paintings focus on bringing the attention to these, our fellow tribal humans and their art forms, and making them part of who we are. Warli, being a very old tradition, is one of the very early art forms going back to the beginning of time in the world of art. They tell a creative, ever-evolving story which identifies us as humans and citizens of this planet…… no wonder they play an important role in our lives, giving us something to learn from.

There’s a lot more that needs to be done here, but this is another great step forward.