Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate I started the day with smelling all the blooming roses and jasmines, listening to the birds chirp chirp chirp, watering the plants and vegetables, loading my compost bin, collecting the wilted rose and hibiscus petals to create a spa feel at home, sipping a nice cup of warm green tea and most importantly, talking to my Mom. Now, all these things I do almost every day. So maybe there was nothing special about doing these things today or maybe there was. Even though these daily activities have become a part of my routine, I hardly ever write about them. But I derive so much joy from them! I look forward to them. They are effortless and make me so happy. You know the kind of happy when your mind is clear and you take a deep breath, close your eyes and smile. That moment! It lasts maybe 3-4 seconds, but ah! it is just so satisfying.

Today… Earth Day…. is about celebrating Mother Earth. Mothers’ Day, of sorts, of thinking about all that we take and give back. Of course we take immensely more than what we give back, so, this is about concentrating on giving back. I am thankful for my home garden that has given us abundant flowers, fruits and vegetables round the year. It’s such a lovely way of taking and giving back. We reduce our dependence on other sources, lowering our footprint and in return we get some of the best tasting produce ever. The compost bin is a fulfilling entity on its own. We recycle our trash, the worms come and enjoy the feast and in return give us some of the best compost ever. There’s a nice ecosystem in our backyard, with all the plants, the worms, birds and us involved.

A slight veering off the topic: A few weeks back, as I was watering the plants, I heard this consistent drumming coming from behind me. I was wondering what it was and thought maybe the neighbor’s kids have a new toy or something. But, when I turned back … oh! what did I see! This lovely greenish humming bird! Just 3-4 feet behind me, feasting on the flies! She wasn’t shy! She let me enjoy watching her shimmering green body and listening to her. Yes! listening! Have you ever heard a humming birds wings? They sound like a drum roll! Quite loud and fascinating! I think she visits us daily, because every time I’m there she’s there. I have an inkling it’s her and not someone else. 🙂 My little pet humming bird, who is also a part of our ecosystem, who lets me enjoy watching her for long, sometimes even up to a good 15-20 minutes. 🙂

And then there are these migratory nocturnal birds these days… they visit this time of the year, every year, and boy! do they chirp all night long!! Of course, there are the usual sparrows and house finch who live in our house, grackles and mocking birds who live in the neighbors’ and our trees. Yep! Yep! I need to get my camera out and take some pictures.

All right, this post has positively gone way way off track! Track? What track? This has become a journey in our back yard post. Oh well! there’s a lot more I can say about Earth day, but I’ll stop here by saying, lets think how we can give back, coz we sure don’t think before taking.