For Mira and Hope :)

For Hope 🙂, originally uploaded by (Mira).

Can two people who haven’t met have a special connection…. a special place for each other…… a bond that is inexplicable…… a little something that only the two understand. I think, my friend Mira (not her real name, but she goes by that name and that’s what I like to call her too) and I have that special bond. The nazaakat of a sher, the romance of a poem, the picture created by words, the pinks of a bougainvillea, the innocence of a child’s drawing, they move us, both of us, in just the same way. We met on Flickr as Mira and Hope and yes, even though we haven’t spoken at length….. we somehow know each other. It’s lovely.

Mira once dedicated this amazing piece of her photographic talent to me and wrote about it on her blog, Illusion with words. I dedicated the following lines to her:

चलते चलते यूँही इक नज़र को देखा था,
क्या ख़बर थी हम साए को देखा था।
राह में मिले इक टूटे हुए पत्ते की तरह
भीड़ में कहीं इक उम्मीद को देखा था.

Chalte chalte yunhi ik nazar ko dekha tha,
kya khabar thi hum saaye ko dekha tha,
raah mein mile ik toote hue patte ki tarah
bheed mein kahin ik ummeed ko dekha tha.

2 thoughts on “For Mira and Hope :)

  1. Absolutely true…it's indeed strange. Some connections happen spontaneously and go on forever, distances don't exist and appearances don't matter. I am glad we know each other…


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