Indian Memory Project

“The Indian Memory Project is an attempt to trace the history of India, its people, professions, development, traditions, cultures, settlements and cities through pictures found in personal family albums and archives.”

This is such a wonderful trip down memory lane, town, state, country! Such a treasure. Kudos to Indian Memory Project team and to everyone contributing for putting this together. It has some fantastic archives and stories, lost and found. Did you know that there was an all girl rock band in the 60s in India!!! or that the concept of Blind dates existed in India in the 60s??? or that in the 30s a young Indian girl sported the short hair, long finger nails look???? How very rebellious and brave! All right, so you don’t care for this girly stuff…… then did you know that the Fr. Agnel Ashram in Bandra was once the home of a famous High Court barrister??

This is a wealth of information and history, told first hand by the families and friends of the people in the photographs. Old black and white photographs have an inexplicable charm… a mysterious feel. And this project, if successful, could bring write history in itself.