Arts of India, a monthly column in Valley India Times

When I started selling my paintings I noticed that most of the people, including those from India, did not know what Warli was. Right then I knew I had found my purpose. My mission became to introduce the world to not just Warli but all of India’s art forms. I embarked upon this journey a while back and a lot of ground work has gone into it, of which I’ll spare you the details. 🙂 But, what has come out of it, so far, is a monthly column, titled “Arts of India,” in the local Indian monthly newspaper called Valley India Times. June saw the launch of this column with an Introductory Article. With this column I hope to bring people’s attention to the diverse and beautiful art forms of India, that have gone ignored for ages. If you would like to support this column, please send me your inputs, feedback, suggestions, complains, comments, anything that will help make it better and more informative. Thank you!

Arts of India

Works of art can be described as objects that appeal to the human eye, that evoke emotions and feelings. There are several categories that we can break “art” down into, but one that comes to mind first are paintings, that originated as cave-art when we, humans, were dwelling and decorating our first “homes.” Almost every country today has a unique style of art, but what’s common is that they have all undergone a process of evolution, like the people who create them. In fact, every day brings with it a change and new turn in the world of art. What began as cave paintings are now products of a buzzing and modern art culture.

India, being one of the oldest civilizations, has much to boast about when it comes to arts. Indian arts, like music, dances, architecture, paintings, sculpture, literature, play a definitive role in the country’s rich heritage. They have been passed down from generations to generations, with stories that speak for their historical significance, and in addition are aesthetically appealing. It would be a huge discredit if we just clubbed all of Indian art forms into one genre. Each region has its own art form mainly because of the myriad reasons that have affected it. From ancient rulers to democratic governments, from historic towns to bustling cities, from mysterious beliefs to modern religions, they have all had their say in what the artist puts down and more importantly, in what the people appreciate. No wonder India has such a diverse art chapter.

Warli, Madhubani, Tanjore, Mysore, Pattchitra, are some of India’s popular cultural art forms. Here in this column at Valley India Times, we will address the various “Arts of India” and introduce you to these and several other schools of art. We will share with you the history, significance and current state of each art form. Join us as we focus on the artistic side of India and talk about the Warli art form in our next issue.