Find your identity and your legacy

Warning: Rant ahead!

Everyday I drink tea, different kinds, and the tea bags have a thought written on them. Yeah, the quirky me collects these tea bag tags. So today’s message is, “It’s important to find your identity and your legacy.” I read that, took a sip of the gratifying green tea and let out a deep sigh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Now, lets get to finding the identity. Hehehe! 🙂

For the last few days I have been dreaming (while sleeping and not) of getting away. You know the vagabond style. The sit on train tops and watch the scenery types, explore the country side types, with no particular destination types, no return date types, walk, walk and walk types, mingle with the locals types, ohhhh! but how hard it is to do that! With work and home, even such a trip would have to be planned. Ugh! Defeats the purpose, no? Like I wish I could just get up and leave today. Oh no! But I can’t! I have to tell my manager when I will come back, I have to figure how many days will be PTO and how many unpaid, I have to tell my gardener to water the plants for me, even pay him extra for that, I have to make sure all the tax filing for the month is take care of in advance, so much planning! so much baggage! I know! I know! Once we have kids, I can kiss such dreams goodbye for ever. So if I have to do it, I have to now! Can I? Will I? Should I? How? Where? When? No, No, No, I don’t want to plan…. I just want to fly away.