Buying local and eating organic

Most of you know my love for gardening, eating organic and natural foods. While I try to grow most things, I do have to buy some vegetables and fruits. Whole Foods and Sprouts are great, but they are sometimes over priced and do not always have locally grown foods.

Here are more pictures from my home garden.

One way to reduce our carbon footprint is to buy from local farms, hence reducing the resources spent on transportation, storage, preserving, etc.. This also supports our local economy and increases our self sustenance. Besides, locally grown food is relatively fresh as it is mostly plucked after ripening on the tree. Foods shipped from farther away are sometimes picked before maturity, artifically ripened or in the case of picking after maturity, a lot of resources are spent on storing/ preserving them and keeping them from rotting.

In addition, several local farms grown organically. I know “organic” has become a debated term, so I will say that they are pesticide/ insecticide free. They may or not be from Genetically Modified seeds (GMO). They are also, usually, free of chemical fertilizers.

Well, so why am I going on and on? Getting to the point now – If you would like to buy local, here’s a great website that lists where to go. For those of us in Arizona:

They are missing one really cool one:
They have the best melt-in-your-mouth Mejdool dates ever!

There are also Co-ops you can join, where in you get a selection of fruits and vegetables on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis. Here is one:

For additional Organic/ Fair Trade Food sources within Arizona:

If you have other contacts, please let me know. I’d love to hear abt them.