Bhupen Hazarika lives on

Mira couldn’t have said it any better and I feel exactly the same way ….. quoting, “I was 12. And Doordarshan was the only channel that I was exposed to, maybe there existed no other. One day I heard a beautiful song on DD…it went, “Ek kali, do patiyan…nazook nazook ungli, tod rahi hain kaun yeh ek kali do patiyan, Ratanpur bageeche mein”. A very soothing voice. Had never heard anything like that before. The song was picturised on beautiful girls picking tender tea leaves on some tea-estate in Assam. Time and again, a stern looking man wearing a Kumaoni kind of cap made his presence felt on the screen. His name read Bhupen Hazarika. For someone who had only heard of Kishore Kumar, Rafi and Mukesh, this sure was a different voice. But the voice and that first song stayed. RIP Bhupen Hazarika.”