So Blue Tray DIY

We made a mod podge tray today along with a flower coloring experiment. Perfect STEAM day!

To make the tray, we used a Melissa & Doug tray that comes with their toys, sky blue paint, beautiful paper from wedding cards and such and of course mod podge glue. We first painted the tray blue and then arranged the papers around until we got a design we liked. We then modpodged it in layers and viola all done! It took us 3 layers of paper, with a drying time of 15 minutes between each layer, a few mess ups and re-dos, this was about a four hour project.

For studying how flowers absorb water, we did this tried and tested food coloring in water with white flowers experiment. The white petals start showing the colors after about 2 to 6 hours. So be patient and enjoy all the colors!

We thought this is a great way to kick off Spring!