So long 2016!

2016! What an year! Difficult yet fulfilling. This year I took a step into the unknown that I had been contemplating for almost a decade and finally found the courage for. I had set off with the goal of starting a non-profit org to promote STEAM education for under-privileged kids and the one thing I did was talk. I talked and shared my dream with anyone who would listen and in so doing the universe aligned itself to connect me to STEMed Labs. ( We found that our visions aligned perfectly with so much synergy that it seemed natural for us to join forces. The last few months that we have worked together, my experience and learnings have been nothing short of stellar. I have learned immensely at each step, from the teachers, our team members, volunteers and most of all from the students. They have taught me to be constantly curious and to keep on going with the do-learn-do iterations. Rewarding to say the least!

You know that feeling when you have been thinking about something and it keeps popping up everywhere. Like when you are thinking about taking a yoga class, every block seems to suddenly have a yoga studio, that somehow in all those piles of junk mail the one paper you did read before recycling everything was the corner yoga studio ad, that co-workers are going to lunch time yoga classes, that Amazon suggests you buy a yoga mat … You get the point!
For me that word has been creating. It has popped up everywhere and called out to me in my dreams, in meditation sessions, in yoga classes, in STEM education classes, in people I’ve been meeting, in books I’ve been reading, articles, pictures, everywhere imaginable. Creating has always been a part of my life all along and Elizabeth Gilbert reminds us, “Creative living is where big magic will always abide.” That’s exactly what’s happening now, which brings me to this project – Like Wise, Drawn with Heart.

About three or so years back, since the time my daughter started talking in full sentences I have wanted to take her wisdom, laughter, humor filled stories and illustrate them, to capture and share them with the world. The idea is a small beginning towards capturing innocence filled stories that might make people smile. Now more than ever, we need to bring love, laughter and artful beauty into this world. This is a collaborative project with stories at the heart of it. The more we connect, create and share, the more we find happiness.
Please send me your kids’, pets’, grandparents’ or just about any wisdom and laughter filled stories and I will illustrate them for you because we all Like Wise stories.

Here’s to new beginnings in 2017. I asked my daughter what her wish was from the new year and she said, “I wish I could shoot rainbows out my hand and everything was rainbow colored.” Happy New Year my online family. Here’s wishing you a rainbow colored 2017.