Who am I?

When I set off on my journey last year I told myself it was to start an education non-profit organization. It sure started like that but it quickly turned into a self-discovery and self-definition journey. I, very soon, got into the Who Am I never-ending question.

To help answer that identity question I read books. My favorite reads so far in this past year have been Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, The Rhino who Swallowed a Storm by LeVar Burton and The Sound of Silence by Katrina Goldsaito. All talked about living fully with an open heart. I had some amazing conversations with inspiring people and they also told me to be myself. Yoga retreats, meditation sessions, articles, movies, music, everything pointed to finding my being. You would think it’d be easy to start walking in that direction with so many leading pointers but I got distracted. I got stuck in a self-pity loop thinking everyone else’s life is so much more interesting than mine.The only thing that jolted me out of it and helped me answer this mystical sounding question with a potentially enormously huge answer was drawing, drawing my heart out, scribbling, doodling, painting and of course meditating – that’s what worked for me. When I forget this, please remind me. I’m making you in-charge of this. Remind me to draw to find answers. The answer to who I am lies here:



I create, paint, illustrate.

I’m a STEM education proponent.

I mother my beautiful and powerful daughter.

I engineer electrical circuits and audio technology.

I communicate my thoughts in my blog and  articles.

I speak at events to inspire children to find their voices and contribute to our futures.

Most importantly, I connect all of this together to define my being.

I have been trying to balance, connect and juggle a lot of different personality traits. The MBTI people say I’m an Advocate (INFJ). The Strengths Finder people say my strengths are: Empathy, Communication, Related, Developer, Discipline. As Elizabeth Gilbert talks about in her Curiosity leading to Passion talk, I’m a hummingbird going from tree to tree, flower to flower, trying this, trying that, creating a rich complex life for myself and cross-pollinating the world. Hummingbirds are people who bring an idea from one place to another where we learn something new, weave it in, take it to the next thing we do so that our perspectives end up keeping the entire culture aerated, mixed up and open to the new and fresh. So here I am. Artist, engineer, social entrepreneur and mama who loves drinking chai, gardening, the smell of rain, hand writing letters, bollywood songs, elephants, Bombay, Camp Grounded, STEM education, the color blue, hiking, star gazing, upcycling, yoga, paisley designs, ghazals, doing arts and crafts with my daughter, books, Pema, my family, friends and my hummingbird self.