Buddha Element

Here he is, my new Buddha painting. Thank you Amitabh and Zoe Ghoshal for giving me the opportunity to create this for you. Thank you for trusting me with and giving me the freedom to come up with this artwork. Freedom in terms of colors, composition, medium, all components an artist loves to play with and play I did, for long! Thank you for being so patient while I worked on this.

More than the Buddha himself this painting is about the idea of mindful living, of just being with self love and appreciation while loving and revering the elements around us. The face is meant to be neutral so that when you look at it it reflects whatever’s within you. If you are sad it looks like a sad face, if you are content it looks a satisfied face… it’s all about being yourself.

Buddha Element. SOLD. Acrylics on Canvas. 48"x36"
Buddha Element. SOLD. Acrylics on Canvas. 48″x36″. Actively accepting custom orders.

Acrylics on Canvas
4ft x 3ft

I really enjoyed creating all the effects with texture. In some places the blue textured part looks like the earth and roots and in some places it looks like icy blue mountains and in some it looks like water and ocean waves. All signifying the earth and the elements around us.

All that texture!

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Dear everyone, I’m actively seeking custom orders. Please let me create a painting/ artwork for you customized to your vision, ideas, color choices, style. I’ll also ship it to you. Wahooooo!