Abstract Art

My abstract art is vibrant and playful where I let my inner child take over. I work in a very organic manner, honoring my being and beings around me, while letting my art flow in the direction it wants to. My abstract, free form art is inspired by nature and its elements, making it uniquely relatable for each individual. I create artworks that are radiant and full of energy. With my choice of vibrant colors and direction they flow my goal is to evoke emotions of positivity and collaboration. I hope to inspire people to honor nature, our planet and adopt sustainable methods of living. Just the way the colors come together to form a beautiful artwork so do people to form a community supporting each other in our journeys. It takes a village, whether it’s to raise a child or to bring about monumental change.


Nature Abstract Series

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Blossom. 24x30. $400. Alcohol inks on canvas.
Blossom. 24×30. $400.
Balance. 11x14. $350
Balance. 11×14. $350
Rainforest. 24x20. $250 each. Variety of inks, paints and texturing medium on canvas.
Rainforest. 24×20. $250 each. $500 both.
Persist. 20x24. $240
Persist. 20×24. $240
Breath. 11x14. $250
Breath. 11×14. $250
Groundlessness. 11x14. $300
Groundlessness. 11×14. $300
Earth. 11x14. $195
Earth. 11×14. $175
Life Line - Triptych 10x10" $65 each
Life Line – Triptych 10×10″ $65 each