Education Work

I am an Electrical Engineer and Artist and believe that Creativity and Curiosity go hand in hand. We live in a rapidly changing world and our future leaders need a strong educational background to come up with creative and sustainable solutions to meet our dynamic needs. With the vision of creating this foundation, I have been working towards promoting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education for children so they may have the opportunity to innovate while driving collective development. There’s a real advantage to creating when the vectors don’t point at one person, instead where they point at an over riding message, a purpose.

My education work started with teaching art to special needs kids back in 2008 and has now evolved into the co-existence of art with sciences.

Read about my journey on my blog.

Creative Corner Arts
I co-founded Creative Corner Arts, in 2014, to offer monthly kids workshops geared towards tying in Art to STEM (STEAM). We provide a place where there is fluidity in structure, a place where children can have fun while learning. Creative Corner Arts builds soft skills of patience, persistence, empathy and vision while teaching intellectual and artistic skills.
STEMed Labs
In 2016 I wanted to start a non-profit organization focussed on bringing STEAM to socio-economically challenged areas. I soon found myself leaving my engineering job, joining and becoming the VP of STEMed Labs, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that is dedicated to improving educational opportunities in our communities here in Austin. We work to increase opportunities for children so they may have exposure to innovative and experiential STEM education programs independent of their geography or socioeconomic status. We believe that by engaging the next generation of STEM professionals at a young age, we can help cultivate a stronger and more competitive cohort ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.