Inspiring Each Other

I thankful and glad that my parents made an education in engineering leading to many years of working in the tech industry possible for me. It has been my privilege to share my experiences with young individuals who are looking to pursue a career in the STEM fields. I’m a proponent for STEM education. What this means, other than working in the field directly (Read More), is that there’s much value in sharing our experiences and telling our stories our stories of struggle, learning, experimenting, failing and rising again. In this process I’ve realized that when we set out to teach we learn immensely as well, especially when we least expect it.

I’ve spoken at STEM education events organized by STEMed Labs, GEN, GirlStart, 4H Capital via FabFems, City of Austin, ASU Prep Academy and more and in all of these the one thing that has come out for the students and for me is inspiration. Inspiration to find our voices and go after what moves us, be it STEM or Arts or a multitude of options we are lucky to have access to. Inspiring Each Other has become my motto. I’m available to speak at educational events and organizations. Please contact me for details.