Commissioned Art Review

“This is truly an amazing work of art. The pictures you have posted are stunning, but nothing compared to the real thing. With each change in lighting or perspective I find it coming alive in a new way. I will enjoy this inspiration for mindful living and loving in my home, and carry that inspiration with me into all of life. Thank you. The painting is so much more than I had imagined. At first sight I thought it was a painting of an idea – both ethereal and concrete at the same time. My eyes are drawn to it every time I am in the room. I love the colors, the texture, and the spirit of it. It means a lot to me to have this amazing piece of your expression so close. Thank you, Meenakshi”
– Amitabh and Zoe Ghoshal

Commissioned Art + Decor Consulting

Commissioned Art + Decor Consulting.    June 2017. 

Leila Kalmbach: “I worked with Meenakshi on creating art to go on the cabinets of my RV. I had so much fun with the project, and I absolutely loved the result! Meenakshi taught me so much about various techniques and effects, and always knew when to step away for a few minutes to gain new perspective, or how to fix a section of the work gone wrong. She was also very collaborative — she offered a lot of suggestions while simultaneously being very open to feedback and to changing aspects of the work that didn’t fit with what I’d envisioned. I love that not only did I leave with beautiful art for my space, I have the memories of fun, slow afternoons creating it. Plus a new skill for next time! I would absolutely recommend Meenakshi for custom art and/or art lessons. Her even-tempered, agreeable personality make her great to work with, and her skill as an artist means the end result will be fantastic too.”

Art Students’ Reviews

Art Student.  July 2017.  

“My name is Ashwara and I am currently a 15 year old art student taking art classes with Ms. Meenakshi Matai. Ms. Matai is wonderful art teacher who has a creative mindset and original ideas. She has a unique outlook on all her pieces that make all her art stand out. I started taking classes with her since I was 13 and have created such masterpieces from her help and thoughts. She takes my opinions and thoughts in to action with all my art works and makes sure I have say in what I want to paint. From the classes I have learned hundred of tips and styles that I would have not gotten from a commercial art class that has helped me strengthen my art skills and broaden my imagination with ideas. Ms. Matai will always take your thoughts into consideration and I love how totally honest I can be around her. For me, art classes are a way for me to let my ideas run wild and have fun with such an amazing creation with guidance and help from Ms. Matai. I will continue to take classes because of such amazing things that I have learned.”