Art Students’ Reviews

Art Student.  July 2017.  

“My name is Ashwara and I am currently a 15 year old art student taking art classes with Ms. Meenakshi Matai. Ms. Matai is wonderful art teacher who has a creative mindset and original ideas. She has a unique outlook on all her pieces that make all her art stand out. I started taking classes with her since I was 13 and have created such masterpieces from her help and thoughts. She takes my opinions and thoughts in to action with all my art works and makes sure I have say in what I want to paint. From the classes I have learned hundred of tips and styles that I would have not gotten from a commercial art class that has helped me strengthen my art skills and broaden my imagination with ideas. Ms. Matai will always take your thoughts into consideration and I love how totally honest I can be around her. For me, art classes are a way for me to let my ideas run wild and have fun with such an amazing creation with guidance and help from Ms. Matai. I will continue to take classes because of such amazing things that I have learned.”